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Paytm Bank FAQ

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I hope all doubts about Paytm Bank are almost clear. Still few Common Frequently ask questions(FAQs) are pointed by the user. We will try to cover it via this page.

Paytm Bank

Paytm Bank FAQ

Q. How is a Payments Bank different from a conventional bank?

Paytm Bank is a new bank model visualized by the Reserve Bank of India. As a Payments Bank, Paytm can now accept customer deposits up to Rs. 1 lakh per customer in a savings or current account and offer other banking services like Debit Cards, Online Banking, and Mobile Banking.

Payments Banks can not offer financial products of their own, but partner with other banks.

Q. What are the services offered by Paytm Payments Bank?

Paytm Payments Bank is offering savings and current accounts with a debit card and the ability to make fast and easy payments. It will soon enable you to access a range of financial services such as Insurance, Loans, Mutual Funds offered by our partner banks with the seamless Paytm experience.

Q. How can I open my account?

Currently, we are inviting limited users to open an account with Paytm Payments Bank. You can request an invite using or the latest Paytm app.

Q. What happens to my existing Wallet?

Your current Paytm Wallet will now move to the Paytm Payments Bank Limited in the same capacity i.e. KYC wallet as KYC wallet and minimum KYC wallet as minimum KYC wallet. You continue to use the Paytm Wallet as before without any changes.

However, if you have not used your wallet in the last 6 months and you have zero balance, you will be required to log in to your wallet again to move to the Paytm Payments Bank.

Q. I see a text in my passbook about older transactions being from wallet under One97, what does this mean?

Your Paytm Wallet has moved from One97 Communications Ltd. to Paytm Payments Bank Limited as per the directions of RBI. The transactions you see under ‘wallet issued by One97 Communications Ltd.’ are the transactions made by you before your wallet moved to the Paytm Payments Bank.

Q. Will my wallet get converted into a bank account?

No, your wallet will simply operate under the Paytm Payments Bank and continue to exist and function in the same manner as earlier. In addition to a wallet, you will now be able to open a savings or current account with us and access a wide range of financial services.

Q. Can I choose not to move to Paytm Payments Bank?

The movement to Paytm Payments Bank is required by RBI for all Paytm Wallet customers. However, If you choose not to continue to enjoy the benefits of your Paytm Wallet, please email us at [email protected]

If you chose not to migrate to Paytm Payments Bank, your wallet will be closed and you will not be able to make payments using your Paytm Wallet.

Q. Will my wallet balance now earn interest?

To earn interest, you will need to open a Paytm Payments Bank savings account.

Q. I accept Paytm at my store, what does this mean for me?

Your wallet continues to work the same way as before. There is no impact on your cash flows or the mode of accepting payment.

Q. I am expecting a refund on a payment I made from my Paytm Wallet. What happens to the refund now?

Your refunds will be given back to your wallet as earlier.

Q. Will my old login details work?

Yes, your Paytm login details continue to remain the same.

Q. Can I now withdraw money from my wallet?

No, withdrawing money from the wallet is not allowed as per RBI policies.

Q. Is it mandatory to open an account with Paytm Payments Bank once it is launched, to continue using the wallet?

It is not mandatory to open an account with Paytm Payments Bank to use the wallet.

Q. Does this mean, I get a bank account with Paytm Payments Bank?

No. This is just a transfer of ownership of the Paytm Wallet to a new company called Paytm Payments Bank Ltd. You will now be given an option to open a separate bank account with us.

Q. Can I move my money to any other Bank from Paytm Payments Bank Wallet?
Yes, you would be able to send money to any bank account from your Paytm Payment Bank Wallet.

Q. I already have a Paytm account. Will I automatically become a Bank customer?

While you may be an existing Paytm user, you will need to open a Bank account separately.

Q. I haven’t done my KYC. Can I get a Payments Bank account?

Only KYC-enabled Paytm users are allowed to open a Paytm Payments Bank account. Our KYC process is instant and absolutely paperless — so what are you waiting for? Find your nearest KYC center here or click here to book an appointment at the place of your convenience (limited service!)