Trick To Receive Paytm Pending Cashback In Non KYC Account


Get PayTM Pending Cashback

How To Receive Paytm Pending Cashback In Non-KYC Account

Indian most successful wallet Giant Paytm is now a Bank. Due to the recent update of paytm, You can not transfer your pending cashback to the bank account if you are a No-KYC customer of paytm.

We can get cash back to the wallet in two ways either to verify KYC details or Use our special trick to get paytm pending cash back into the bank account. So if you have lots of paytm account, then just use this method & you can be able to transfer money easily to the bank.

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Trick To Transfer Pending Cashback to the bank account:

Here we will discuss two methods to withdraw the cash back to the bank account…

Follow the methods given below and transfer your pending cashback to the wallet.

So Here You Go…

Note – This trick is meant for the Educational purpose… We are not responsible any further loss of your paytm wallet. Try at your own risk.

Receive Paytm Pending Cashback (Verifying Minimum KYC Details

1) Open Latest Paytm App or download it from the play store

2) Log in with those  paytm accounts from which you want to transfer paytm pending cashback into the bank account

3) Click On KYC Option From Paytm TOP Menu Bar and Click On ‘Don’t Have Aadhaar Cardjust the below image

paytm pending cashback

4) Now submit Voter card number of your any family member. If you do not have any extra voter card number just Enter  Any 10 Digits Alphanumeric Code (Like 484XX7R707) along with any fake Name will do the job.

5) You will be asked to verify the voter card number to nearby KYC Center but do not need to complete it.

6) That is all !! You will see your pending cashback is now confirmed without proper KYC details to send any KYC verified account. Just send the cashback amount to your KYC verified account or you can do any recharge or other services from paytm app.

Few Points Of This Trick

  • you will be able to use paytm account for 1 year via this method
  • You can use this trick to multiple paytm accounts
  • Paytm pending Cashback amount can be confirmed Instantly
  • If Your paytm account is one, you must enter your original voter id

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Get Paytm Pending Cashback( paytm app 6.0.2 version):

1)Open Google And Search Paytm App 6.0.2 version

2) Download and Install the Paytm app

3) Log in with that Non-KYC paytm accounts from which you want to transfer paytm pending cashback into the bank account

4) Now You can transfer money to any Paytm user via this method.

Keep in the mind, This trick may be banned any time and It is working fine now. So do log-in and transfer Paytm wallet balance into any KYC wallet user. After that send your money to any bank account you wish.

Final Words About Paytm Pending Cashback Tricks

Many users get confused whether these tricks are working or not? I want to say one word for them… All Are Working Fine.

But Paytm may ban this soon. So if you have many paytm wallets with pending cash back amount, Be fast to convert whole cashback amount to the bank account.

Hope you like our article on Trick To Receive Paytm Pending Cashback In Non-KYC Account very well.

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