(*HOT*)HQ Trivia App For Android Users – Play to win real PayPal Cash 2018


Hq Trivia App Hack 2018

HQ Trivia App For Android Users – Play to win real PayPal Cash 2018 !!!

Finally, Wait is over. The Best trivia live game is knocking at the door of android users. The official HQ Trivia app set to release for Android on 1st Jan 2018 is finally out. It is now in beta testing mode but working fine for all android users. The HQ- Live Trivia Game Show App was only available in the App Store for iOS devices. Now They extend their business strategy to be available in Play store.

Hq trivia App

 The Wikipedia says HQ Trivia Android App is the live trivia game show with cash prizes. Every day at 9 pm EST. Weekdays at 3 pm EST. The main differences between this app and other trivia game website, It is maintained by a live host. There is no chance of cheating to give a right answer during a live game session. This is why the prize of this HQ Trivia App is more than any other trivia app on the market.

Step to Getting up to $20,000 As PayPal Cash From HQ Trivia App?

  1. First Of All download and install HQ Trivia from the play store. click Here
  1. Now register by giving your mobile number and verify your mobile number.

  2. Next, You will have to enter your name and referral code to get a game live line.

 Enter HQ Trivia Referral Code freerechargefield

  1. Now you will be on the dashboard to access the features of the app.

  2. On Homepage, You will see when the time when the live trivia will happen and they will send a notification you when it will start.

Rule Of HQ Trivia Android App:

The rules of This Game are Straightforward. There will be having up to 10 multiple choice questions and you will be only having one life so if you give one wrong answer you will be out. Each question has the time limitation of 30 seconds. You have to complete the game within the time period else you will be kicked out. To Win the game you have to be fast enough to give answers to multiple choice questions.

HQ Trivia Android App Reward:

You can make lots of money from HQ trivia live game. A user can Win PayPal Cash Up to $20,000 Daily. So it is nice to have such kind of android app on the mobile phone.Whenever your prize money reaches 20 dollars you will be able to withdraw it to your PayPal account. You have to put your PayPal Address when you will withdraw the money from Hq Trivia Android App.

So Guys HQ Trivia Is a new live trivia game app in play store. It was fucking popular on IOS Platform. It just launched on Android device as an unreleased mode. So It can be possible users may face some bugs of using it. Hq Trivia App is a Typical type of trivia game show which openly challenges users giving a set of hard questions in each level. The more you complete the level, The more you win the PayPal cash just staying at Home.

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