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Port Out From Aircel Online

How To Port Out From Aircel To Any Other Network Using UPC? Guys We generally post free recharge tricks related articles on our site. But this time we are going to post a different kind of article based on Aircel Shut-down and how we can get rid of from such a flaw. As an Aircel User if it is your permanent number and want to keep the sim to be continued, Then you have to port out from Aircel and should shift another telecommunication network like Jio, Airtel, Vodafone Or Another stable Network for better services.You know this article will help you to port your Aircel mobile number easily to other stable networks even without having a network in your Aircel Sim using Unique Port Code UPC method. So we will also cover- How to Get Aircel UPC Code without Network Coverage? How To Port out from Aircel easily?

Port Out From Aircel

Why are users worried to continue with Aircel Services? The answer is simple… Some technical issues are going on with Aircel network or a rumor is out over The Internet they are facing financial problems after JIO so-called offers. This impacts hugely on the telecom market leads to Most of the small operator firms have decided to join other big giants whereas Aircel decided not to give up making in the serious condition.

But Do not be worry about this we are collecting the working methods how to port Out From Aircel To Any Other Network Using UPC? Even This guide is working fine without any network coverage area…

Just Scroll down the page and copy each step carefully to port out from Aircel to any other stable networks online.

How To Generate Aircel UPC Code

This is the main part to port out from Aircel. Without this, You can not port other stable networks from Aircel. We try to cover all working methods to generate Aircel UPC Code.

But Now We are providing only latest working tricks helps you to be out from the flaw of Aircel network discontinue.Even This trick works fine without Aircel network. We also add working an online method to port out from Aircel easily.

There You Go…

Method 1 – Generate Aircel UPC Code Online

This is an official method to generate UPC code. It helps to generate code via online without the need of calling or sending SMS to request UPC or MNP. It is more efficient method than any other methods we are going to discuss.You can easily port out from Aircel to any other stable networks via this method.

1)To continue with this method what you need to do just open the links given below

Link 1

Link 2

port out from aircel

2) And Just enter your Aircel Mobile Number and Last 5 Digits of your 20 Digit Aircel Sim Serial Number.

3) You know you can easily find out the sim serial number either you can find it on the backside of your Sim Package

Or from Sim Card App… We will add a guide how to find out sim serial number Using sim card app.

4) To generate UPC code Online just click on the link given below and enter the details are asked. Once You enter all the details UPC will be generated instantly. With the help of it, You can easily transfer Aircel service to other stable networks.

5) Hope you get Aircel UPC code online successfully via this method. If you are unable to generate the code then you may follow other methods introduced below.

UPC CODE For AIRCEL (First 2 Digit)

If The Generated UPC Code Via Aircel UPC Code Online Website or through IVR Call method is not working properly, then it can be the problem of first 2 digits of UPC code. So if this problem is got at the time of porting, Check the below list and just replace the first two digits of your Aircel UPC Code with the code given below as per your Circle or State and then have a try on Aircel Port Out… It will surely work.

State/CircleAIRCEL Code
Andhra PradeshDA
Himachal PradeshDI
Jammu & KashmirDJ
Madhya PradeshDY
North EastDN
Tamil Nadu ( including Chennai)DT
West BengalDV

Method 2Generate Aircel UPC Code without Aircel Network

Guys This method will help you to port out from Aircel sim to other networks without Aircel Network. That means if your sim is deactivated or out of order due to network congestion in Aircel Network, Still, you can be able to port other stable networks via this method.

There you go…

1) Insert Your Aircel sim in your android smartphone and download SIM Card App from the play store to go to next level.

2)Now Install the app and open it. Without any network, this app will give you the details about the sims attached to a smartphone. This advanced feature assists to find out your Aircel Sim Serial Number (ICCID)

3) Now Note Down Aircel Sim Serial Number (ICCID) and Give a call to the number given below by Any operator.


If Above Number is not worked, Try the number according to the state or circle in India…

  • Andhra Pradesh: 9700012345
  • Assam: 9854012345
  • Bihar: 9852012345
  • Chennai: 9841012345
  • Delhi: 9716012345
  • Haryana: 9802012345
  • Himachal Pradesh: 9857012345
  • Jharkhand: 9852012345
  • Karnataka: 9738012345
  • Kerala: 9809012345
  • Kolkatta: 9804012345
  • Madhya Pradesh: 9806012345
  • Maharashtra: 9762012345
  • Mumbai: 9768012345
  • Orrisa: 9856012345
  • Rajasthan: 9782012345
  • Tamil Nadu: 9750999209 or 9551299210
  • Uttar Pradesh: 9808012345
  • West Bengal: 9851012345

Here you may use Vodafone, Airtel or other stable networks to make the call… It does not matter which operators are used to making a call.

4) They will ask you to put your Aircel number to port out. Just enter that Aircel number which you want to port.

5) Next Enter last 6(six) digits of Aircel Sim Serial Number you got from the Sim Card App. The Aircel Sim Serial Number is generally 20 digits numeric value. So Copy last 6 numbers and enter using Dial Pad

6) Within Few Hours UPC code will be sent to you, Can be used to port out From Aircel. Sometimes It also may take 1 day due to internal reasons.

Now You are done with generating UPC code. Just Copy the code and follow our guide to port out from aircel to other networks.

Method 3 – Generate Aircel UPC Code through SMS

To find out Aircel UPC code via this method you have to have Aircel network on your mobile. But the question is if Aircel is down, this method is no more useful in case of Aircel Porting…

By the way, I will share this trick too so that user can try all methods to port out from Aircel Sims To other stable networks without any trouble.

1) First Of all, Send a Text Message to 1900  Just like the format given below

PORT <10 Digit Mobile Number>

If your Aircel number is 876545XXXX, then type PORT 876545XXXX and send to 1900

2) That is all !! You will get your Aircel UPC code within few hours. What you need to do…Copy the UPC code and follow the method how to port Aircel Number To other networks.

Guys this method is simple and effortless to generate Aircel UPC code but it has one drawback as it works only on Aircel Network. So if this way works for you, then it fine. But not so, then follow other two methods to complete your Aircel porting.

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Step to Port Out from Aircel to Any Other Network:

You know the most important part of Porting Aircel Sim to other networks is To generate Aircel UPC code. Most of the users do not find this easiest way to find this. Anyway, Hope you have successfully generated UPC code using any method provided in free recharge tricks.

Till now, You have Aircel UPC code is used to request a port out to any other network. So follow the steps given below step to step to finish the job…

  • Visit nearest Airtel, Idea, Jio, Vodafone Operator Outlet, Office or Help center to which you want to port out from Aircel along with Aircel UPC Code and Aadhaar Card to issue a sim.
  • Ask them to issue a new connection with same Aircel number. They also verify KYC details instantly via Addhaar card.

Note – Porting One Network to other, A standard charge may be Rs30 or more will be taken but porting charge may vary from one operator to other.

  • Voila!! After complete your SIM KYC details, they will provide your new connection with the same mobile number. This whole process could have taken two or three minutes to activate the new connection.

In this way, you have completed port out from Aircel To  Any Other Network Using UPC method successfully. Now Enjoy with the High-speed Internet to port your Aircel Sim to Jio, Airtel, Vodafone, and Idea.

Port Out From Aircel With Common Porting Code[New Method]

Guys If you lost your Aircel sim or above three methods did not work to port out from aircel to airtel or BSNL or Jio or Vodafone.

Then you can try Aircel Common Porting Code. Aircel Just announced Common Unique Porting Code for porting though it is not confirmed whether it will work for porting to other networks.

  • First Of all, copy Aircel Common Porting CodeEO767676
  • Now Go-to Porting center of airtel, vodafone, Idea or Jio to which you want to port.
  • Hope this will work for all the users.
  • Enjoy!!!


Final Words On Aircel Porting

Though People are saying the news regarding the financial crisis of Aircel telecom is not true, But a few internal sources distinctly point out the issues that Aircel Company is facing a big problem to run their telecom market all over India. Because Most of the States or Circles are getting ‘No Signal’ in Aircel Sim, This positively indicates the users of Aircel are in huge troubles.

This is why The article on Port out From Aircel helps you to port other stable networks easily. Many individuals are searching in the google how to get rid of Aircel services or how to throw of Aircel sim keeping the number exactly same as it was so that they can continue using the number with office, friends and personal usage.So this post is helpful to them.

The Article on Port out From Aircel is just End Here. Hope it solves your recent query about how to generate Aircel UPC code successfully? We will keep updating this article so that you can get rid of recent Aircel Network’s problem.

Do you have any further inquiry on how to port Aircel to jio, Vodafone, Idea or Airtel? Feel free to drop a comment. We will short out your issues, Get back to you as soon as possible.


  1. Meine Aircel number ko BSNL me PORT kiya tha par wo porting request reject ho gaya. Meri friend ne aircel ko Vodafone me PORT kiya tha par wo porting request vi Reject ho gayi.
    Aircel kyu bar bar porting request reject kar raha hain?
    Ab kya karu?

  2. Meine Aircel number ko BSNL me PORT kiya tha par wo porting request reject ho gaya. Meri friend ne aircel ko Vodafone me PORT kiya tha par wo porting request vi Reject ho gayi.
    Aircel kyu bar bar porting request reject kar raha hain?
    Ab kya karu?


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